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Rojana Industrial Estate (Laem Chabang)

Industrial Estate - Overview

Rojana Industrial Estate (Laem Chabang)

Is a new industrial estate project of Rojana Under cooperation with the IEAT, located next to the Motorway Road No. 7, Chon Buri - Pattaya, only 8 kilometers from Laem Chabang Port Is a location with high transportation potential The land within the project has been successfully adjusted. Ready to proceed with the construction of the factory

Major Customer

Searech Property List

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Last Update || 23 Feb 2023

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City Zoning
Purple (Industrial and Warehouse)


From Bangkok (Asok)
Distance : 135 km.
From Suvarnabhumi Airport
Distance : 104 km.
From Laem Chabang Port
Distance : 8 km.
From Map Ta Phut Port
Distance : 52 km.

I.E. Attribute

Land Size Available
4 - 90 Rai
• 1 Rai = 1,600 sq.m. (Rai is a type of Thailand's land measurement unit.)
Partnership of IEAT
IEAT (Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand) is a state enterprise under control of the Ministry of Industry of Thailand. The responsibilities of the authority are to create and organize industrial estates, grouping together industrial facilities in a synergistic manner.

Sale Method

Sale Only
• 1Baht = About 0.029 USD, 1USD = About 34.15 Baht (Refer to Bangkok Bank currency transfer rate on 4 Jan 2023)

Common Fee

General Zone : 1,200 Baht / Rai / Month

Rent Condition

Sale Condition



From PEA

Gas Supply

Don't Have


Main road width 20 M. (Include Bikeway) / 4 Lane / Loading 25 Ton.

Facilities Nearby


[Sukhumvit RD. front of Leam Chabang I.E.] (20 min. drive)
● Vinbharam Hospital

Gas Station

[Pararell Rd. of Motor Way] (13 min. drive)
● PTT Station
[Road No. 3039 to Amata City Rayong]
● Shell Station


[in PTT Station pararell Rd. of Motor Way] (13 min. drive)
● KFC / Chester's grill / Cafe Amezon / Black Canyon
[in J-Park Sriracha] (25 min. drive)
● Saboten
● U mai Kai Ten Sushi
● Minori
● Tsunami Sushi Buffet

Convenience Store

[in PTT Station pararell Rd. of Motor Way] (13 min. drive)
● 7 Eleven
[in PTT NGV Station on pararell Rd. of Motor Way] (5 min. drive)
● 7 Eleven

Shopping Center

[in J-Park Sriracha] (25 min. drive)
● Max Value

Other Facilities

[Pararell Rd. of Motor Way before I.E.] (1 min. drive)
● Bata Outlet Mall

Facilities Gallery


Map / Master Plan / Others

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